OthersGerms can not mess with a strong system!

Germs can not mess with a strong system!

Germs can not mess with a strong system!

In today’s blog, I want to go over with you a bunch of different stuff that I’m correlating altogether. I got the newest journal from the ‘Clinical Autonomic Research Society’ and basically as I read through here again, everything and anything can be caused as far as a health problem from the autonomic nervous system not responding properly and your HPH stress acts as being overloaded. The three main things that will throw this system off are: physical injuries, lack of exercise, chemical imbalances ( which includes foods, sugar, vaccines, and drugs; by the way, the #1 cause of dysautonomia are medications taken properly!…yeah, you heard me say that correctly. Number one cause of dysautonomia are medications taken properly because they are not part of the system.) There are no drugs required for health. So if you’re using a drug to manage a symptom, you have to recognize that it is the number one cause of  dysautonomia. That means that your entire system will not adapt and your risk of all other diseases and death goes up very much. In addition, the signs and symptoms of dysautonomia can be erectile dysfunction, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, hormonal issues, thyroid issues, sex hormone issues, lack of proper sleep, depression, anxiety, bipolar, erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems, all kinds of issues can can be caused from dysautonomia.

 The other thing that you want to know is that your entire immune system is regulated by your autonomic nervous system so there is no such thing as the immune system. It is the neuroimmune system and because of that we must then go look at and say, “Hey, why do some people get sick and other people not get sick? Why have some people died of certain germs and other people have not died of certain germs? Why do some people in a room and 92% of us don’t get sick and yet one person gets deathly ill?”. It all comes down to the ability of each individual person to adapt or not. If you have not been to a doctor that is measuring you’re adapting properly or has not performed any assessment to look at whether you’re adapting properly, or assessing if you are not getting the highest level of health care that exists, we must look at the causes and stop treating downstream symptoms. You can never get healthy with the drug! I’m not saying that you couldn’t use it to manage a symptom but recognize that  drugs don’t make you healthy and if you’re using a drug to manage a symptom, you must always know that it is the number one cause of dysautonomia which means it’ll lower your overall health on a long term basis. There’s direct side effects to that drug and yet the underlying causes have not been addressed. By looking at the underlying causes and addressing these issues, we have the ability to correct function as best we can and also raise the level of adaptability. That is the key goal: raise the level of adaptability, allow the system to respond to internal and external changes better and more appropriately. It is only then that we can see improvements and function. We can see stabilization overtime. If someone is going to continue to get sick, it’s at the slowest rate possible.

 If you have any questions, as always, let me know. Again, health is the ability to adapt or not and the level of adaptation determines whether you get sick by germs or not. It is not the germs! The germs can’t mess with a strong system! So build the system and the system will work for you and keep you healthy.

God bless.