OthersCortical Remapping Is The Key To Improving All Health Conditions

Cortical Remapping Is The Key To Improving All Health Conditions

Cortical Remapping Is The Key To Improving All Health Conditions

Today I want to go over with you a process called cortical remapping and the concepts of neuroplasticity. So what does this mean? It means the brain becomes what it receives on a regular basis.  In 1895, Dr. D. Palmer, the first chiropractor, the first functional neurology person, basically said that the nervous system is the master system. Let’s be clear with this also: there is no such thing as the immune system. It is the “neuro-immune system”. There is no such thing as the endocrine system. It is the “neuro-endocrine system”, the “neuro-cardiovascular system”, the “neuro-reproductive system”. So all of those systems are subsystems. That is the reality of how we are made-up. The anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry all says that’s how we work. So if we go back to this master nervous system, the thing we need to understand is we have receptor inputs to our brain on a regular basis. In our brain simply, it gets ‘wired’ or has a ‘map’ based on the inputs it receives on a regular basis. If we send bad information, (or what I call ‘dead spots’) then over a time frame, our brain doesn’t know. It just says ‘OK’, I’m not receiving that information. So this is the information I’m receiving and I’m doing the best I can with the information I’m receiving.
The three things that throw off your cortical map through neuroplasticity  (or negative neuroplasticity) are : physical injuries, lack of exercise, chemical imbalances (such as foods, drugs, vaccines, vitamins, minerals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and drugs) and auto suggestion, which is also called mental emotional stress ( that’s current mental emotional stress and cumulative mental emotional stress). All of this is wiring our brain, creating our cortical map, and then our brain simply runs our body. So yes, the brain is the master system but the brain runs everything else off of the sensory system; it receives these sensory inputs. So we’re experts here at this (I and our team at the clinic).
In addition, there is no disease that’s either not caused by issues with the nervous system or influenced by the nervous system. So if we were to take a person’s cortical map,
(look at it, measure it, and determine where it’s not working properly) and figure out ways of setting new important information, new sensory information, new receptor information to that brain, we would shift everyone, no matter the disease at all! It doesn’t matter in a better positive direction because as we update the cortical map, through the process of neuroplasticity, everything works better! You adapt better, you increase your healABILITY! The power that makes the body can heal the body like never before! We cannot get there with the concepts of what we’re currently doing. We are not going to drug ourselves to health. It doesn’t happen, can’t happen, won’t happen. So if you have any questions, let us know and you can shoot us an email. You can text the office and I hope you like the information.

Have a great day and God bless.