OthersDrugs are #1 Cause of Dysomnia

Drugs are #1 Cause of Dysomnia

We are going to go over the concept of ‘dysautonomia’. I read this book this past weekend and watched all the accompanying videos for each individual chapter (Book titled ‘The Dysautonomia Project’). I fine tune my understanding of the autonomic nervous system and this is what I recognized from my reading. Dysautonomia is to understand that the nervous system is the master system and 90% of what goes out from the brain (the output) goes to the autonomic nervous system (you can also call this the automatic nervous system). The automatic nervous system controls your gastrointestinal system, your kidney, your heart, your lungs, your immune system, all your hormones, your reproductive system, your cardiovascular system. Everything is run off of the automatic or the autonomic nervous system. The second part of the brain called the somatic nervous system is what runs the “brain-muscle” connection (i.e. tight neck, tight back, sports injuries). This is also the “output” of the brain. Most of the time when the brain is breaking down, we’re going to see issues with the autonomic nervous system first because that’s 90% of the output and we may see issues with the somatic system second or at the same time frame. So, if there’s issues with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip problems, hip replacement, knee replacement, surgeries, it usually means that the brains not working properly and then you would also have dysautonomia if we checked.

Throughout the book and videos, Dr. David Goldstein, MD PhD, mentions numerous times that the number one thing that creates this dysautonomia problem are prescription drugs! (Prescription drugs when taken properly). Let’s be clear again: there are no drugs required for health and the experts in dysautonomia are telling us that the number one cause of dysautonomia (which means your entire health goes down the drain) is caused by prescription drugs taken properly or over the counter drugs taken by what they tell you to take. Now why is that? Because drugs are not part of health. Drugs are not required for health. Not only may drugs cause side effects but when taken on a long-term basis, they lower your health because they create an increased pharmacological allostatic load and then you get stuck into dysautonomia. Pretty soon you have conditions like heart arrhythmias, digestion goes off, immune system is down, increased chronic infections, bladder doesn’t work, prostate is swollen. You may hear complaints such as, “I don’t sleep at night”, “I have anxiety”, “I have depression”, “I have all kinds of issues”, “I have mood imbalances”, and “my hair is falling out”. All of it could go back to looking at the drugs and drugs are only to manage symptoms.

In my clinic, we look for causes! What are those root functional causes? It usually comes down to three things: #1, physical injuries or lack of physical exercise; #2, chemical imbalances (i.e. certain inflammatory foods, lack of nutrients, drugs, medications, environmental, chemicals, environmental toxins, vaccines); #3 is Auto suggestion. Autosuggestion means current mental emotional stress and it also means cumulative mental emotional stress throughout your life. All of those things will overload the autonomic nervous system and your health begins to go down. What is listed as #1 in the Dysautonomia Project book is drugs and how they drive the system in the wrong direction.

So, if you’re looking for new answers, not a second opinion (we don’t give second opinions, we give you a new opinion!) we will help you to explore a new clear way to look at how our brains and our bodies work and what actions can we take after we take proper measurements. This will help us to know what to do so we’re not working off of your diagnosis. That diagnosis is not deep enough. No way, no how! We go deeper. We look at proper anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. From there, we will tell you what is your prescription plan of action to get things moving in the right direction if your case qualifies.

Thanks, have a great day, and I hope you found this interesting.